BELDEN BARNS, Sonoma Mountain, CA | Brand Identity, Complete Visual Overhaul


It started with a dream. A dream that finally became reality for Lauren and Nate Belden. Historically known as Steiner Ranch, it has been a center for travelers for over a century. Belden Barns is a little slice of heaven, for many reasons.


  • Family is a key component of what makes this brand what it is. When you come to Belden you are a part of that family. Together they help nurture this place

  • Focus on farmstead - Embracing the roots of Sonoma County as a center for agriculture. Small family farm married to the pursuit of great winemaking.


Capturing the beauty of the place. So close, but just far enough away. From the top of the hill you can look off to the distance and see bustling Santa Rosa on the horizon. But on property you hear nothing but the birds in the trees, the hooting of owls as night comes.

FILM: 120mm Mamiya RB67 Pro

Texture, no manipulation. The estate, and the people as they are.