What in the world does that actually mean?

We all have our own definitions, but here’s mine. Brand Identity is every front facing piece of your business. From the people, to the product, the ambiance, location….all the way down to the types of pens, parchment, color schemes, pillow colors in your tasting room.

How to use brand identity to further improve your company?

Every brand is different, and my favorite part about my job is finding those unique things that sets you apart from the competition, and turning it into something that can be explored by potential purchasing visitors. This is a multi step process, and the road from identification, to a final brand image that can be shown to the world is a long road. But the result is something that reflects the most appealing aspects of your business to individuals you have specifically targeted as your best potential client, while remaining true to long term fans of your brand.


  • Interviewing Key Personalities and those who face the customer day to day.

  • Asses the state of the brand and the current brand identity. Identify weak points within current overall strategy and branding efforts.

  • Build an overview of brand at current state

  • Research, lots of research… looking at where the market is heading in each area of market, and identify where yours fits into that equation, where it could improve, how to move forward to retain clients while attain new ones


  • Build a strategic approach, a road map for the coming decade. A blueprint that can be accessible to the team

  • Identify the personality of the brand, the positioning in the industry, and find the ingredients to achieve that vision

  • Create the brand concept, and hone in the sales space, marketing material, website, social media, etc to fit this concept Identify creative team to bring all material on sales and marketing side up to date with this vision


  • Website (written, video, photography) 2-16 months depending on scope of project

  • Visitor Environment (sales space) 1 month, 3 months, or ongoing

  • collateral, email, labeling, packaging, overhaul through design channels

  • Full future branding guide with wiggle-room for upcoming market trends (may include 5 year revisit)


The most important part about achieving a brand image that is memorable and creates an impact on future generations of consumers is consistency in branding and quality of material through employing various types of imagery. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. The nest way of finding consistency is by building relationships with design teams, and making sure that there is a smooth flow in communication. This is one of the reasons working with a brand strategist can make a massive difference.

Each party in the design of your brand identity must understand your goals, and be a part of that vision. If we’re all on the same boat, we have a much greater chance of reaching the same location.


QUICK REFRESH - Standalone Strategy Consultation

STRATEGIC RE-BRAND - Web Overhaul, strategy and collateral advisement

COMPLEX RE-BRAND - Complete overhaul of web, and marketing collateral, brand positioning, and brand identity

OVERHAUL FOR THE WIN - Design to put a brand at the leading edge of the market. Full overhaul of all collateral and web, brand identity, long term vision, visitor Environment overhaul, etc

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