FLOWERS WINERY, Fort Ross-Seaview, CA | Full Imagery Overhaul


Before embarking on this project I was always drawn to these few ridgelines on the upper reaches of the Sonoma Coast

In talking with the team at Flowers Winery, the focus quickly became capturing these two properties in their rugged form. Beauty within the rough personality of these hills far from the traffic on inland wine country. The Sonoma Coast, unpredictable, cold, windy, untamed, became an obsession. Finding the right mornings and evenings to capture this personality was a brutal task. Many times camping out in my car, trying to catch just a few hours of sleep before the early sunrises of the summer.

Dozens of trips, 90 minutes of winding roads filled with potholes, there were a few winners where everything came together to express the many personalities of the region.

whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god
— Aristotle


Subtle art, a gentle hand.