JOSEPH JEWELL WINERY, Forestville, CA (Website Overhaul, Brand Identity, Storytelling Photography Project)


This project was one that was one that I was extremely excited about from day one. Joseph Jewell, while based out of Forestville, sources fruit from throughout the Russian River Valley, as well as Humboldt county. Adrian Manspeaker, winemaker and owner, grew up in the hills of Humboldt County, so while many may look north to Huboldt with some confusion, Adrian knows the terrain like the back of his hand. Sourcing fruit from a distance can be challenging, but relationships with key individuals, and a deep knowledge of the weather and terrain makes Humboldt a natural fit for adrian

CAPTURING THE STORY: Great lengths were made to try to capture the differences as well as the similarities of the two wine regions. Each vineyard has its own unique character and personality, but within that personality you see a sort of cousin-like relationship.

The project spanned around 4 months, capturing these locations, and weaving Adrian into the environment.


Special attention was given from the beginning to capture the true nature of a hands-on winemaker. Adrian’s attention to detail, his understanding of the place, and relationships with growers.


Joseph Jewell has access to some of Sonoma County’s most coveted sights, as well as some of its most overlooked. Each has it’s own unique feel and topography, but they all share a certain feel. You always feel like the gods smile down at you while you walk the rows of vines.



Wild and free. While the similarities to certain areas of Sonoma County are striking, there is an element of the wild that still exists up in Humboldt. There is a Raw expression of beauty that is unfiltered, mother nature untamed. My goal was to capture the inherent beauty of these locations, but also to let the feeling of purity within ruggedness found up north in the mountains come through in the images. The old family farms that year after year are tended to bare fruit captured in their natural light with as little manipulation as possible.