A Sunset Almost Missed

Tuesday afternoon, after a long day of chores, I finally got a chance to hang out with my brother, watch stupid YouTube videos, and catch up. As the clock moved closer to 4pm, I got the itch to pick up my camera, so I invited my brother to go on an adventure. As we packed up our things, getting ready to hit the road, "the game plan" fell apart rapidly.

Putting some boxes and other belongings into his trunk, something metallic caught the lip of his trunk, where the glass meets aluminum frame. The following noise was enough to twist my intestines into a tight knot. Metal meeting the edge of auto glass gives of a very specific ring, followed by the snaps, the crackles and the pops usually associated with a glass of Rice Krispies. This crackling went on for MINUTES. 

Anyways, he'll probably read this, so I'll wrap it up. As he prepped to pull the cracked glass out of its mounts on the car, he noticed me looking towards the west, trying to get an idea of how much time I had left before the sun disappeared. he gave me a nod, and handed me his camera, saying, "get a couple good ones for me". So, I hoped in my car and made for some back roads. 

I found a nice little spot that I have overlooked countless times, finally coming back into focus after a comment from a friend, Michael Kobler. I pulled over and set up just in time for the sun to hug the horizon. I specifically picked this spot thinking about where the sun would be setting...."hmmm, I think the sun will set right about...there...." Sure enough, showing up with just 3-4 minutes to spare, the sun was setting, exactly where I had hoped.