Sunday January 31st, 2016 4:30PM

This is a date, and time, I hope that I remember for a long time. 

The past few weeks have been a different type of adventure. I have been moving my belongings into a new home...a lot of work now matter how you look at it....then came the REAL change. For the past 4 1/2 years I have worked for a group of wineries as a wine consultant, a period of time that has flown by quicker than I could have imagined. That career path came to an abrupt ending just over a week ago. Don't worry...not gonna sit here and pour my heart out.

I painted the walls, cleaned, made slight upgrades and unpacked my things. It's starting to come together in my new place.

Sunday: I was tired, a little grumpy, and I needed to get some fresh air. I brought my camera, figuring, "hey, if I see something worth shooting, then at least I would get something done outside of these freshly painted walls", and I hit the road. I drove north.

As I drove on the backroads, outside of Windsor, CA, I found an old road that I've probably been on 1000 times, but not for this purpose, a frontage road just along the highway, that was just the route to middle school...the route to pure dread. This time, I wasn't headed to school, I was headed to...well..anywhere with a good view...and it didn't take long.

With my eyes scanning east, I spotted Mt. St. Helena far in the distance, and to my surprise, fluffy clouds whipping up against its slopes. I pulled my satisfaction, the sun began to set, and pulled out my camera. With 25 mph winds at my back I stood there in awe pretending that the cool air was warm, and pretending that I didn't have shorts on.

Anyways, I used to keep my camera at home, stored away, safe and sound unless I had specific plans to shoot. This day, I brought it with me, I went with the flow, I listened to that gut feeling I had. This is less of a Journal Post, than just a reminder to myself, to repeat that day as much as possible, if possible, every day.