@IGERSNORTHBAY Meetup #NorthBayTAM - January 16th, 2016

A meetup on the mountain, in the beginnings of a storm that would dump nearly 10 inches of rain on the Northbay in just a week. 28 people were willing to face the grueling conditions, not exactly ideal for photography, for the #NorthBayTAM meetup. 

In preperation for the meetup, I made sure to remind everyone of the fact that 10mph winds (18mph gusts) and rain would be pretty brutal after a few hours, and to show up prepared...well, I didn't really listen to my own advice, as I was soaked to the bones within the first 30 minutes. I brought my camera, but quickly switched to something I haven't gotten a chance to pickup in a LONG time. I brought along an Ilford HP5 Black and White disposable camera just in case, and it came in handy. Somewhat waterproof, I easily filled a roll of film, and I'm really pleased with the results.

Yes, some of them are completely off center, peoples limbs are cut off at weird places, and some people are barely in the frame...But I think that might be perfect. I could barely see through the plastic viewfinder, just fuzzy objects in my field of vision, and the little plastic lense did well enough to capture the feeling of that day. It's a day I will never forget. So many great people. So many great photographers. Photographers who had been at the center of the Instagram Community, photographers well established and those just starting to get their feet wet. SUCH A GREAT DAY

I can't thank everyone who helped put this meetup together, the team at @igerssf, the people WHO SHOWED UP, and those who posted their photos. Thanks for making it so memorable, and I hope you enjoyed it.

If one of these images is of you, or if you were at #NorthBayTAM and would like a digital copy, I can email you any of these images for your safekeeping. a form will be at the bottom of the page.

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