Walking the streets of the town that we once rode our bikes around at age 10. Our home town takes center stage in what makes Senses Wines the brand that it is. It is a balance of both left and right, the Pacific and California, farming and technological advances. This is place where we were raised, and it was only fitting that one day we'd return with great ambitions.

This small town, a population just over 1000 is a tight knit community. Just outside of downtown on every side are small vineyards managed by winegrowers who at one time were considered "rebellious" or ever crazy for trying to grow grapes in the rough hills of the Sonoma Coast. 

Now, they are considered "pioneers" in one of the worlds most sought after appellations. Our first step in building Sens3s Wines was to reach out to these vineyard owners, who we have been surrounded by since our years in grade-school. 

These relationships have allowed us to pick from some of the best grapes available since the beginning.