SENSES WINES, Occidental, CA (Sonoma Coast) | Brand Identity & Strategy , Complete Imagery Overhaul


This project started when I first picked up a camera

I’ve always taken trips out to the coastal ranges to photograph the fog as it rolls up off the water, and a few vineyards in particular have always called to me. It just so happened that Senses Wines source from most of those same vineyards.

From the beginning, we knew that the focus would be these vineyard sites, and relationship of the three founding members of Senses Wines with those vineyards, relationships that go back to their childhood in Occidental.

This project, shot over the span of 9 months cataloged lifelong relationships with growers, their individual relationships with the vineyards, relationships with each other, and the pursuit of creating great wine in tough conditions. Centered around the town of Occidental, the town where they met, grew up together, played, and now call home once again.



Embracing the dark, cold, yet inviting nature of coastal winemaking.