SOPHIE JAMES WINE CO - Sonoma Mountain, CA - (Brand Identity, Full Web Overhaul and Photography Project)

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The Very Top

It was clear from our first meeting exactly what we would be shooting for this project, when we’d shoot it, and why. Sophie and James found this place by a stroke of luck and immediately fell in love. A property in much need of major renovations, the history of the place and the stunning beauty of the sweeping views found a place in their hearts. After years of growing for top names in the Pinot Noir world, they released their first wines to rave reviews. Their passion for this place and its beauty rubbed off on me really quick.

The property above the fog, a magical place that has a history little known. The property has been a place where writers, artists and thinkers have gone to find inspiration. My job was to capture that feel, that purity. Something that has to be seen to be believed.



Unedited foggy morning in the vineyards. 3 rolls of film and a day prepping the vines for another year of growth